Category: Reflection

Pizza Pause

As a typical teenager, I’m capable of eating far more than the average human being. Maybe I can blame it on growing, or maybe I just enjoy the wonderful, always welcoming taste and warming sensation it provides for my stomach and soul. As much as I love to indulge in the world of food, there… Read more »

A Light For More Than Boats

Often I catch myself in a trance-like state as I ride my bike down Second Avenue in the evenings. The streetlights are few to none, leaving the concrete beneath my wheels to be illuminated only by the glow of passing houses and the hanging moon above my head. With the steady hum of my tires… Read more »

My Cape May Past, Present and Future

The Atlantic Ocean is the only body of water I have ever known. Family trips to Cape May have filled my summer vacation fantasies from before I was even born. Cape May has been my tropical destination for 21 years. And I have no desire to change locations. I will be forever grateful that my… Read more »

Caged But Not Contained

Being raised by a birder, I have always been aware of the stunning wildlife that is a massive part of Cape May County. From the dolphins that seem to swim within an arms length of the shore to the Laughing Gulls that steal my French fries, I spent my entire childhood surrounded by animals. Not… Read more »

Forever Young at the Arcade

Rarely does it ever happen that there’s a place where people of all ages are able to have an equally enjoyable time. If you take a five year old out to bar, which I highly recommend avoiding, he or she is more than likely to be crying the whole time. Likewise, if adults sit in… Read more »

Perspective By Pedaling

As summer slowly emerges from its nine months of hibernation, so do all of the visitors. It’s hard to recognize the change of sleepy Cape May in the winter to the endless hustle and bustle of this unique little summer town. The orange flashing traffic lights that lined Beach Drive in the winter turn to… Read more »

Serenity and Sea Glass

I have known nothing but the beach my entire life, and it has become a massive part of who I am. From long walks down sandy shores to longer days spent in the water, my memories are filled with the beaches of Cape May. Their beauty and power will endlessly attract locals and tourists alike,… Read more »