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Spicy Legend and Lore

The Victorians loved legend and lore of times gone by. In autumn, they used many herbs and spices that were associated with fall holidays. The Victorians were awed by the exotic. Find out what they believed those herbs & spices meant!

Time to Wine

There is a lot of interest in growing grapes in the Cape May area now. This year’s September Food and Wine Festival affords the opportunity to visit these enchanting places. People have always grown grapes in southern New Jersey, and we have history of wine making for over 200 years. One of the oldest wineries… Read more »

All this and Berries too!

If your yard is a typical southern New Jersey somewhat sandy soil with some oaks here and there, blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum) just might fit the bill. This tasty, succulent fruit will thrive in almost any kind of soil as long as it is acid.

Pickling with Dill

I have fond childhood memories of walking through dill up to my chin in my Polish grandmother’s (Babci’s) garden. Of course I was quite small then, but the wonderful warm, cozy aroma of dill takes me back many, many years to the crocks of pickles she made.

Of Lilacs and Lily of the Valley

As spring matures and May arrives, gentle breezes are laden with the fragrance of Lilacs and Lily of the Valley. I love these and can drift back to childhood days in either of my grandmothers’ gardens when I could smell their wonderful fragrances. Back then, I think that most everyone had hedges of lilacs, often… Read more »