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Cape May celebrates National Lighthouse Day

There are 199 steps from the ground to the top of Cape May’s iconic lighthouse, which welcomed visitors for National Lighthouse Day last week. The lighthouse, built in 1859, receives over 100,000 visitors each year. Get tour dates and times on MAC’s website

Fantastic Faces at the Baby Parade

Pretty Baby (under 2 years of age) 1st place: Giada Clerico 2nd place: Olivia Durante 3rd place: Leah McGarigle 4th place: Noah Brockman 5th place: Kayleigh Gloviak 6th place: Declan Carigun 7th place: Evan Lee 8th place: Brayden LaSerre 9th place: William Gray 10th place: Brett Luchko Decorated Baby Carriages 1st place: Roxanne Riehs 2nd… Read more »