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Reinvented Classics

The dictionary defines persnickety as; fussy about small details, overly particular about trivial details, requiring great precision and snobbish. Labor Day is close by and another season starts to wind down. The circle of life goes on and that got me thinking about the cycle of food and specifically food trends. Some burst upon the… Read more »

Try Something Different

Hello there.. allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. When I was seven years old and my dad argued with the waitress to let me order the duck ala orange, my career path was laid out. I became a chef. Now that another Memorial Day has come and gone and the summer… Read more »

The Cantankerous Chef

Hi, there: Let me introduce myself and give you a little introduction to my new job. My name is Cheffy and I have 18 years’ experience in the restaurant business in Cape May and nobody really wants to know how many years before that. This column is a biased point of view of food, recipes,… Read more »