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Month: June 2009

Approach of the Tuna

Yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna

On Tuesday, 6/23 Capt. Bittmann took a family out to the reef for a six hour charter. After a few hours of bottom fishing that produced several flounder and 30 Sea Bass, they decided to troll for Bluefish. Within an hour they caught 28 Bluefish. Lots of action and lots of fun was had by all.

The Tuna fish are now approaching our waters. There were incidental reports in the past week or so, but now we have a strong report from Capt.  Sowerby on the Hooked Up II. He caught 25 Yellowfin on 6/24…one weighed 37 lbs (pictured right).

Another sign of warming waters: on Saturday 6/27, Slammmer weighed a 13.6 Dolphin caught by Joe Laird of Gilbertsville, PA. Our 8-hour party boat Porgy IV weighed another huge Flounder this week:,9.8 pounds caught by Rick Moody of Philadelphia.

Do you want to join in on the action? Call our South Jersey Marina Charter Agent at 609-884-3800 for rates and availability.

Great weekend for fishing

Ethan SmithThe charter boat Top Shelf took the Alberti group out for a six hour trip on Friday, 6-19. They caught fish from the time they got to the spot until lines-in; Flounder, Tautog, Sea Bass and Trigger Fish were the species caught. Ethan Smith (pictured right) and his family ventured out on the charter boat Cape Queen and caught a real nice Trigger Fish. It weighed 2 lbs,12 oz.. Ethan couldn’t wait to get back to Phoenixville, PA to tell his fish story to his friends.

The Party Boat fleet continues to run daily. The Fiesta targets Sea Bass and Flounder and sails at 8 AM and 1 PM for four hour trips. The Porgy IV is an 8 hour boat and leaves at 8 AM. He has been concentrating on fluke and on Monday, 6-15 he weighed in a 10.8 lb fluke for angler Joe Budetta.

29th Annual Shark Tournament Results

South Jersey Marina held its 29th. Annual Shark Tournament on June 12 -13, 2009. There were 144 boats competing for a share of the total purse of $298,670. Predominately 3 species were brought to the scales: Thresher, Mako, and Blue Sharks. There were 39 fish weighed and the top winners are listed below:

Heaviest Shark: Fat Cat, 590 pounds
2nd: Common Sense, 567 pounds
3rd: Good Times II, 537 pounds


Heaviest Mako: 100 Proof, 232 pounds
2nd: Miss Edna Jane, 212 pounds


Heaviest Blue: Re Joyce, 265 pounds


In an ironic turn of events, the tournament contender Hot Works owned by Paul Rys was disqualified. His crew had great difficulty getting the 631 pound Thresher Shark into the boat, thus causing him to miss the deadline for getting to the scales. This catch would have been the heaviest fish of the contest. There will be an application filed this week with the State of NJ to register it as a new state record Thresher.

Sharks Off-Shore

blue shark fishing cape may new jerseyWhen it’s June in Cape May, there are SHARKS in our off-shore waters. South Jersey Marina had the first Blue Shark weighed-in earlier this week. Nick Montzaris owner of the Bu-Buca brought in a 167 pounder. The angler was Harry Johnson of Fishing Creek, NJ.

Speaking of shark, our 29th Annual Shark Tournament is scheduled for June 11-14 and based on pre-registration applications, it promises to be a great event. Last year’s total purse equaled over $336,000. Mako, Thresher, Blue and Hammerhead are the most frequently caught species.

Our Charter Fleet is available to hire for this and all other tournaments held in the Cape May area. Call 609-884-3800 and ask for the Charter Coordinator for rates and availability.

Old Time Favorites

Geraniums are truly an old-fashioned summer plant. But, we do enjoy these old-time favorites all year long. I often put my geraniums in a large sunny southern exposure window of our family room in the fall. Beginning around Valentine’s Day when the days get longer they bloom and bloom. I love having the color and especially like the geranium scent when I water them on a warm afternoon. Now they are just covered with blooms and outside once more. The Victorians were also fond of bringing geraniums in for winter so I can imagine that the windows of Cape May had plenty. They were always a favorite seashore plant since they do so well in the sunny climate.

garden-pink-deniseBeginning with Memorial Day, red geraniums glisten in the sun, poppies blow in the breeze, and flags pop up all along the road. Many folks have childhood memories that come to mind when a holiday approaches or they see or smell a certain plant or flower. Memorial Day brings to mind red geraniums, poppies and iris or flags as my family use to call them. All three bloomed on ‘Decoration’ day the name often used for Memorial Day way back when.

In many other towns the parades are on July 4th. By then the geraniums planted in May are large, stocky and full of blooms if they have been watered twice a week. These plants are not demanding at all, but some food and water will make them spectacular.

Common Garden Geraniums or “Zonal Geraniums”

garden-geraniumsBright red geraniums are my favorites! Pelargonium xhortorum is the botanical name for geraniums produced from cuttings – the beautiful, red, crisp bloom. Most are compact in habit and have many blooms when there is a sunny spring. The plants originated in South Africa and have now become popular all over the world. Some have fancy leaves marked by distinct bands – or zones – of darker pigments, tri-colored leaves or leaves with silver or white markings. Many can be found with all types of scents in their leaves. Although the scented geraniums, as they are often called, do not have large or showy flowers, they come in scented like rose, strawberry, apple, mint and nutmeg. I often cook with them.

Now these plants are bred to have larger shatter-resistant flower heads as well as wide variety of colors, which makes them popular with homeowners for bright plants to bloom all season in sunny gardens. They make excellent choices for plantings in flowerbeds, hanging baskets, or containers since they provide wonderful colors all season long. They look especially nice on or near Victorian porches, as they are historic. Follow these few tips suggested by growers to keep geraniums looking good all season.

Caring For Your Annual Geraniums

1. Select a sunny spot since Geraniums perform best when planted in a location with at least 6 hours of full sun per day.

2. Water the plant when the soil becomes dry. Do not let the plant wilt. Try to keep water off the blooms as they often become brown or moldy if constantly kept wet. It is better to use a hose or soaker hose to water soil than an overhead sprinkler.

3. Feed the plant with a good time-release fertilizer. To keep them blooming use 14-Photo by Denise Cashin14-14 so that they get plenty of the middle number or phosphorus, which helps to make good blooms. Geraniums are heavy feeders

4. Container planted geraniums will need more frequent watering. And also require regular fertilizer applications throughout the season to perform to their highest potential.

5. Remove all faded blooms and any brown leaves to encourage continuous flowering all season.

You can also keep them year after year. I do. The trick is to mimic the dormant season the plant would go through in its native South African environment.

garden-fountainIn fall, before the first frost, prune potted geraniums back heavily and bring them indoors to a window in a cool room. (Many folks find a garage works well if it does not freeze) Keep the plant alive, but don’t encourage it to grow and wait until the leaves become almost droopy between watering. Step up watering the first of the year. Then from around Valentine’s Day to March, feed the plant every two weeks with a high phosphorus fertilizer (14-14-14 works for me) to encourage strong root growth and flower production. During this period also pinch the plant back slightly and bring it into a warm, sunny room. Increase watering as the plant begins to grow and you should soon have flowers.

Over-wintered geraniums that are not cut back will bloom in sunny windows, but they do tend to get tall. I had beautiful geraniums blooming in all my sunny windows again this winter. I loved them! You may also take cuttings from your plants and root them in a warm, sunny spot in a box of pro mix. After they root, pinch the cuttings back once or twice.

Add some nostalgia to your garden and plant geraniums. They will be beautiful by July 4th . You might even add a flag or two; it is that time of the year! See you at the parade!