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Month: August 2010

The Offshore bite is on!

Multiple boats out of South Jersey Marina have been reporting fantastic hookups! Over the Top went 6 for 13 on Whites caught around the Baltimore area, Super Crew also releasing 6 Whites in the same area on Saturday. A little closer to home near the 30 Fathom Lump and the Elephant Trunk, the Nor’easter II was on the fish Friday bringing in 6 Yellow fin and 1 Wahoo, Jen and Tonic had another awesome day of fishing, reeling in a Dolphin, Wahoo and a Yellow fin. The Slammer was also offshore near the 19 fathom lump on Friday bringing in Wahoo, Dolphin and Tuna. Hooked Up II has been having a phenomenal time on the water for the past few days fishing up a storm. All boats leaving South Jersey are hooking up Offshore!

Inshore, boats such as the Common Sense, Cape Queen, Big Game, Slammer, Cape May Lady and the Porgy IV have all been out in the last week also bringing in the fish! The flounder are in the peak of their season, they might not all be keepers but they’re defiantly out there. Black Sea Bass are still in abundance around the reefs and wrecks. The Tautog fish has made an early appearance here in Cape May and the ever present Bluefish, has made the fishing even more enjoyable for people trying to get their last outings in for the summer.

For your inshore and offshore needs feel free to give a call to the South Jersey Marina and ask Nick to setup a charter for you. (609)884-3800


MA500 Tournament Results

After a week of fishing that saw white marlin bite in record numbers, it was another down to the wire finish at the 2010 Mid Atlantic $500,000! For the first time in the tournament’s 19-year history, the blue marlin category went unfilled. Although several blue marlin were caught and released, the 400-pound minimum weight was tough to crack and all the prize money for the category was rolled over to the white marlin category and equally divided among winners. Next year’s tournament which will mark the 20th anniversary of this most prestigious event.

MA500 Photo Gallery

Final Standings

Weight Standings

Heaviest White Marlin – tie – 88 lbs. Billfisher – Bill Zimmerman – $791,442, Lady Luck – Steve Ramsey – $298,514

3rd Heaviest White Marlin – 82 lbs. – Cracker – Chris Schultz – $204, 573

Blue Marlin – No qualifying blue marlin were caught so prize money was rolled over to the white marlin category and divided equally among the winners.

Heaviest Tuna – 177 lbs. – Impulse IV – Matt Kriedel – $168,812

2nd Heaviest Tuna – 105 lbs. – Reel Chaos – Anthony Matarese – $100,265

3rd Heaviest Tuna – 84 lbs. – Fin-Ness – Don Pyle – $78,893

*Heaviest Dolphin – 56 lbs. – American Lady – Russell Baiocco – $10,000

Heaviest Wahoo – 49 lbs. – Shelly II – Don Haines – $10,000

*Denotes new tournament record.

Boats receiving calcutta money but not receiving tournament purse money for various catches during the week include the following:

Toplesss – Scott Steele – $27,427

Tar Heel – Mike Chrysanthopolis – $24,510

Singularis – Jeff Citron – $20,425

Krazy Salts – Dave Anderson – $15,172

All In – Curtis Maycomber – $12,255

Lil’ Man – Steve Dayton – $12,255

Canyon Lady – William Diller – $7,002

Point Standings

Most Points White Marlin – 1575 pts. – Judge – Marty Judge

2nd Most Points White Marlin – 1350 pts. – Shark Byte – Peter Cherasia

3rd Most Points White Marlin – 1200 pts. – Viking 70 – Pat Healy

Most Points Blue Marlin – 300 pts. – Fin-Ness – Don Pyle

2nd Most Points Blue Marlin – 300 pts. – Emanon – Brian Sullivan

3rd Most Points Blue Marlin – 150 pts. – Reel Joy – Susan McCart

Most Points Tuna – 214 pts. Krazy Salts – Dave Anderson

2nd Most Points Tuna – 98 pts. – Tar Heel – Mike Chrysanthopolis

3rd Most Points Tuna – 96.5 pts. – Toplesss – Scott Steele

Most Points Overall – 1575 pts. – Judge – Marty Judge

*Please note that point ties were broken based on time of catch.

Catch Report

White marlin released – 527

White marlin boated – 31

Blue marlin released – 11

Blue marlin boated – 2

Tuna weighed – 26

Wahoo weighed – 2

Dolphin (mahi-mahi) weighed – 14

Is there any good fishing currently in Cape May?

Definitely, in the past couple of weeks, the charter vessels here have been bringing in all types of fish on the inshore trips; Wahoo, Dolphin, Spanish mackerel, Bluefish, Bonito, Fluke, even a needle gar or two have made their way to the scales. Many marina seasonal records have been broken in the last week. There was a Wahoo weighed in on 8/9 off the Noreaster II at 22lbs. and a Black Sea Bass also off the Noreaster II weighed 4.6lbs. on 8/7, and a 1.6lbs. Bonito off of the Cape Queen.

In offshore news, the Hooked Up II has been finding the Marlin. Nick Brebner age 16 from Tom River, NJ caught his first White Marlin last Sunday. He also released a white on the same trip. Over the Top out of South Jersey Marina spent their time reeling in Tuna on Friday in the tip of the Wilmington. For those not wanting to travel out to the Canyons, the Elephant Trunk has also seen some good action in the last few days with Dolphin and Tuna. Water temps are ranging from low to mid 70’s creating great conditions for the up coming Mid-Atlantic $500,000 Tournament.