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Month: February 2011

Rum Runners Ball – the Bees Knees

The Rum Runners Ball sponsored by the Cape May County Historical Society
was held in the Ballroom of Congress Hall Saturday, Feb. 12. The event
was peppered with Roaring 20s-style gentlemen in gangster attire as well
as those the more formal tuxedo. Ladies were decked out in flapper
dresses, complete with beads and hair plumes. Dancing the Charleston in
its many forms was expected.

Proceeds benefit the Cape May County Historical and Genealogical Society.

Share your Beach Theatre memories with The Press

Do you have any fond memories or experiences of the Beach Theatre?

The Press of Atlantic City is looking for people who have Beach Theatre memories and want to share them. The theater, Cape May’s last movie house, is targeted for demolition as soon as this fall to make way for condominiums.

As developers and preservationists battle over the theater’s fate, The Press wants to take to a look back. Call Press reporter Richard Degener at 609-463-6711 or e-mail him at to share your memories.

Denise: A family affair

Our wedding took place in Cape May June 20, 2009 at the Chalfonte Hotel.  Rich and I just love Cape May, the beautiful scenery, the architecture and history of Cape May, we just had to have our wedding and reception at the Chalfonte Hotel.

The Wedding Coordinator at The Chalfonte was Terry S. Carr. Cape Winds Florist did all the flowers.  I had pink peonies and white roses. Music was provided by harpist Lucia Marone. My daughter Kelly was the vocalist.

The photography was done by Aleksey Photography (photos featured here were taken by my friends and family). Alek also had Rich and I come back and do beach photos, because it rained on our wedding day.  He is an amazing person.  My son is a chef at Harrah’s and he made the wedding cake.

The day was about family and dear friends. We even had my 93 year old uncle travel 2 ½ hours to be at the wedding.

I have been visiting Cape May for over 15 years on family vacations and Christmas house tours.  When Rich popped the question, we both knew our wedding had to be in Cape May.


Below are photographs from Aleksey Photography:

New Parking Meters for Washington Street Mall

Your complaints were heard! Cape May gets new USER-FRIENDLY parking meters to replace the “old” Rhino USER-UNFRIENDLY parking meters

Visitors and locals alike will be pleased as punch to see NEW user-friendly parking meters which are slated to be installed around the Washington Street Mall and the Jackson Street parking lot by May 1, when the meters go back on in the city.

The “old” and VERY unpopular Rhino meters, purchased about five years ago, will be removed and stored until the city can find a municipality which uses them and may want to buy them. The new meters will:

  • NOT be space-designated. In other words, users will buy time and get a receipt which they will put on their dashboard for police to see. Drivers can park anywhere along the Mall that accepts the Metric meters. Those parking in the Jackson Street lot, which is a 12-hour lot, can park anywhere in that lot, but CANNOT move their vehicle over to the Mall, which has a three hour parking limit.
  • Be larger and hopefully more visible
  • Will have a panel which can be seen in sunlight and at night
  • You can pay with quarters or a credit card. The city, if council approves at its regular meeting Tuesday, Feb.15, is also expected to add acceptance of dollar bills to the payment options.

As to the handicapped parking rule, the state of News Jersey maintains that handicapped drivers can park in spaces designated as such, but must still pay the meter. However, the City of Cape May has had a policy of not ticketing handicapped drivers after the meter expires. More recently, City Council passed an amendment to the parking ordinance which states that anyone parking in a blue designated handicapped parking space does not have to pay. HOWEVER, those with handicapped signs that they put on the dashboard who park in any available parking spot DO have to pay the meter. So if you figured that one out – you should probably try your hand at the bar exam.