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Month: October 2012

Hurricane Sandy hits Cape May

Pre-hurricane photo taken October 28, 2012


Hurricane Sandy is poised to strike Cape May today with wind gusts up to 70mph and destructive waves continuing into Tuesday with heavy coastal flooding. Cape May, the barrier islands along the Jersey Shore, and coastal communities along the Delaware Bay have been evacuated.

4:30pm: Sandy is 55 MI ESE of Cape May, NJ. [source: The Weather Channel]

5:00 pm: Sandy is still a hurricane, about 30 miles offshore. The storm “might just miss Cape May” and go into the Delaware Bay, but we will be in the hurricane circulation. [source: The Weather Channel]


Superstorm Sandy has passed, leaving Cape May sandy and soggy, but still standing. Check our Facebook page for updates on area businesses.

Photo Gallery: Aftermath of Sandy


West Cape May Mayor Pam Kaithern announced today that, “Trick or Treat will NOT happen tonight in the Cape Mays. An island-wide Trick or Treat will be held this Saturday, November 3, from 5:00 to 7:00pm, in conjunction with CM, CMP and WCM.


Here we are, Howl-O-Ween Month again! Many of us will be thinking about a costume for ourselves, our children, and maybe for our dogs. When choosing costumes for ourselves and our children, we can go by what we like, what is “hot” this season, a child’s favorite character or super hero, and most importantly a costume that is safe! We can get reflector tape to put on costumes or on Trick or Treat bags and we can remind ourselves and our children to “look both ways” before crossing. Many of these choices and safe precautions are important if we are going to costume our dog as well!

When choosing a costume for your dog be sure that it fits. A costume too big can be a tripping hazard, and a costume too small can be uncomfortable, at best, for your dog and a choking hazard as well. Remember that your dog need to be able to see, or your dog could become fearful at sudden movements or sudden/loud noises. Also pay attention to any hazardous materials used in a costume for your dog(s), which they may chew on or eat, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or worse. You want to enjoy Howl-O-Ween with your dog(s), not be visiting the vet instead.

Speaking of “toxic,” remember that chocolate, xylitol (a component of many sugarless gums and other low sugar products), and many other “candies” are very toxic to your dog. Depending on the size of the dog, the amount consumed, and the individual dog susceptibility, these products can cause vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, or death. Be very vigilant is insuring that your dog does not have access to or does not consume the Trick Or Treat Goodies which are okay for 2-legged Howl-O-Weeners but NOT okay for 4-legged Howl-O-Weeners! Better to make some homemade doggie treats so your dog can do the Howl-O-Ween thing with you, enjoy the fun of a few treats, and stay safe and healthy at the same time. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for you that. Based on the enthusiasm here, I think your dog will love them, too!

Have Fun! Be Safe!


Cool Cubes

  • 3 cups plain non-fat yogurt
  • 1¼ cups canned pumpkin
  • 2 Tbsp natural (local) honey

Combine, whisk well, pour into ice cube trays, freeze 2½ hrs. Pop out as needed or store in a sealed freezer bag.

Note: You can use mashed banana or unsalted peanut butter instead of the pumpkin for variation.

This Month’s Good Read: Train You Dog, Change Your Life by Maureen Ross, M.A., N.C.C., and Gary Ross, M.E. This is a wonderful book to read and review to refresh yourself on training your dog, or to get ready for your first dog. The book focuses on building a healthy, trusting relationship with your dog through the discussion of fundamentals, training, and applications. There are many elements of this book that will benefit you and your dog, even if your dog has been family for some time. We can all “learn a few new tricks” and have fun learning together!

Annual Halloween Parade and Trick-or-Treat on the Mall a Howling Success

Thousands of little Trick-or-Treaters descended the Washington Street Mall Sunday, Oct. 21 for the Mall Merchant’s annual event. Following Trick-or-Treat, the Cape May’ Halloween Parade got underway and brought out the best and the worst in scary and whimsical masqueraders. And the winners are:

012 Cape May Annual Halloween Parade
Final Awards List

Special Awards
Family        The Kelly Family – “Pirates” , Villas, NJ
Funniest        The Mortensen Family – “Best Thanksgiving”, Cape May, NJ
Most Scary    Jacqueline Hagan – Villas, NJ
Best Homemade Costume    Brianna Austin – Philadelphia, PA
Silliest        Jakob Pender  “Best Shore Theme” – West Cape May, NJ
Most Adorable    Ryden Powers & Riley Amenhauser – Cape May, NJ
Best T.V. or Movie Character    Gage Grossman – Cape May, NJ
Most Original    Mahogany Kelly – Villas, NJ

Age 3 & Under  Division A
1st    Anastasia McPherson-Orenich
2nd    Adeline Yerk
3rd    Kayleigh Smith

Age 4 – 6    Division B
1st    Nevaeh Heap
2nd    Allison Romeo
3rd    Anthony Colucci

Age 7 – 9    Division C
1st    Kyle Satt
2nd    Giana Cole
3rd    Bianca Potter

Age 10 – 12   Division D
1st    Christine Leigh
2nd    Garrison Swan
3rd    Michael Tresoikis

Age 13 – 17   Division E
1st    Julia Grossman
2nd    Anisha Lal
3rd    Khamar Matthews

Age 18 & Up – adults   Division F
1st    Suzanne Muldowney
2nd    Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick
3rd    Linda Ewing

Themed groups  Division G
1st    The Devine Family
2nd    The Mastasiak Family
3rd    The Mercuri Family

Themed Floats  Division H
1st    The Flickenger Family
2nd    Matthew Mastalski Jr.
3rd    Mack the Bulldozing Bulldog

Fall in Cape May – Something for Everyone

The leaves do not turn on Cape Island as fast as they do further north. It is generally late November, more often December, before the frost hits the pumpkins or the Christmas lights. The temperatures, especially this Fall, have been warm enough to enjoy fishing on the beach as well taking in the last vestiges of a tanning sun. We are an island which embraces quirky holidays like Halloween. You can stroll the street and takes pleasure in the Fall decor and still have time to catch a sunset over the Cove. So, if you can’t be here, our staff photographer Michelle Bumm offers you a virtual tour of Fall on the island.