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Month: August 2017

Watch the 2017 solar eclipse from Cape May

Watch the 2017 eclipse in Cape May

On August 21, a solar eclipse will be visible across all of North America. For those in the path of totality, it will be a total solar eclipse. Cape May isn’t in that path, but you can still enjoy a partial solar eclipse (if the clouds are willing) if you’ll be here during this event.

What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. For those in the path of totality, the moon completely blocks the sun, leaving only the corona visible.

What time is the eclipse visible in Cape May?

According to NASA’s website, here are the times the eclipse will be visible in Cape May:

  • The eclipse will begin at 1:22pm
  • The eclipse will be at its maximum at 2:46pm
  • The eclipse will end at 4:03pm

Again, we won’t be able to see a total eclipse here.

Protect your eyes!

Because we’re not in the path of totality, you must wear proper viewing glasses at all time. It is never safe to remove your eclipse glasses to look at the sun directly, and sunglasses are not acceptable for viewing a solar eclipse! NASA has assembled a list of reputable vendors of solar filters and glasses.

For more information on the eclipse, the science behind it, downloads, videos, and a list of common eclipse misconceptions, visit NASA’s 2017 eclipse website.

The 2017 Perseid Meteor Shower

In other star news, the Perseid Meteor shower peaks this weekend! This is one of my favorite events. Unfortunately, because we just had a full moon and it’s rising late in the day, the moonlight is going to seriously interfere with the visibility of the meteors.

If you want to watch for them anyway (I will be on my deck!), I recommend lying on your back or using a chair that leans far back. Keep your eyes soft across the whole sky. Meteors are visible sporadically and each only for a moment; you may see many or just a few per hour. I also recommend a midnight brunch and viewing party.

More info on the Perseids from

Five Bike Safety Tips for Cruising through Cape May

When people ask me what the best way to explore Cape May is, I always tell them to bike. Biking through town is a fantastic way to get around while also getting some exercise in! Cape May has plenty of scenic bike trails to keep visitors busy and in touch with nature, one of the best being a route called the Cape May Shoreline Ride that begins and ends at the beautiful Cape May Lighthouse. You can also bike our pretty beachside promenade in the mornings (before 10am!).

Photo by Laura Thistle

But before you take that beach cruiser out for a spin, we have a couple safety reminders for you! Cape May is an extremely bike-friendly place, however, it is critical to be knowledgeable of correct bicycle etiquette, especially on weekends in the summertime, and during holidays when there are crowds and traffic. Here’s five things to remember before you start your ride:

The same rules apply for bicyclists and drivers.

Bike riders are granted all the rights and subject to all the same responsibilities of a motor vehicle driver. That means always following traffic laws and lights – never cross the street on a bike at a red light! You could cause a major accident, or be involved in one. Even when the light turns green, always look both ways and proceed across the intersection with caution.

Bike lights and bells are important.

Technically, all bikes should have a visible, bright light to use at night and some kind of audible signal (ex. bike bell) to use to alert drivers, pedestrians and other riders of your position and proximity to them.

Use hand signals.

Show others on the road your intentions when you turn or change lanes. The two major ones you should know are super simple: a left hand held straight out means you are planning to turn left, a right hand in the same position means you want to turn right. Visual examples of these and other signals can be found on

Toddlers and teens: don’t forget your helmets.

Safety first! In New Jersey, anyone under 17 years old that is riding a bicycle or is a passenger on a bicycle must wear a helmet.

Share the road!

Respect others’ rights to the road; be aware of cars, fellow bikers, pedestrians, joggers and children playing.

Are you an avid biker and feel we missed a tip or two? Comment below with thoughts and advice of your own. Looking to rent a bike in Cape May? Let us help you out. The State of New Jersey’s Department of Transportation also has helpful FAQs about biking that you can find here.



Five bike safety tips for cruising through Cape May |

4 Amazing De-Frizz Hair Products to Beat the Heat


It’s hard to believe July is over and August is here! Summer is flying by here in Cape May, but it’s never too late to start taming that classic frizzy hair that the humidity and heat brings. If left to the elements in the summertime, my hair resembles a lion’s mane; because of this not-so-desirable quality, I consider myself a near-expert on hair products that tame the beast and leave my hair silky and ready for any kind of weather. Here are my 4 top picks of products that really do help!

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum: Put this on wet hair after showering and you’re ready to go; no need to blow-dry. This serum will help curls feel smooth and look neat. Be careful not to overdo it though, you don’t want a greasy look! All you need is a tiny amount on your hands to comb through damp hair. One of the great things about this product too is its price – you can find it for less than $5 at Walmart.

REVLON Uniq One All-in-One Hair Treatment: I love this one. It is a leave-in conditioner that you spray sparingly on wet hair. This is perfect for fixing hair that’s dry and/or damaged from sun and salt water. As someone who is constantly on the beach and swimming in the ocean pretty much as soon as I get off work, this product keeps my hair healthy and protected! Snag it on Amazon here (hint hint: it’s cheaper online than if you buy in a salon).

Detox Dry Conditioner: Perfect for the days you only have time for a quick body shower and are running out the door! A few sprays of this will leave unwashed hair feeling and looking refreshed and shiny. It’s also great to use after a blowout; it will help the style last longer. You can order this on Sephora.

Olivine Love + Salt Beach Hair & Body Mist: Amazing combination! A product that provides natural, flowy beach waves through your hair and also a gorgeous-smelling perfume all in one. You can spray on clean wet hair, or bring to the beach and use after a dip in ocean. It’ll provide a voluminous windswept look to your hair and re-hydrate your skin with its natural salts! Buy here.

Do you have any go-to products or secret tips when it comes to summertime hair? Comment below!

4 amazing de-Frizz products to beat the summer heat