Cove Beach Replenishment

A $9 million state-funded beach replenishment project began this week. The project will pump 140,000 cubic yards of sand onto the severely eroded Cove Beach. The project initially was shot down by City Council in a 3-2 vote. Those opposed to the project objected to demands by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) that the endangered piping plover nesting grounds be protected. This is usually done by roping off the nesting area. Opposing council members feared that the very popular bathing beach might, in fact, be closed during nesting times. The dispute was later resolved with a single sentence:
“The (DEP’s) Office of Engineering and Construction recognizes the city of Cape May’s desire for Cove Beach to remain a municipal beach which is open to the public and recognizes that Cove Beach is expected to remain so, subject of course to all federal, state and local requirements.”
Approval of the project the second time around was 5-0.