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What you thought about 2011

When something happens in Cape May, we post it on Facebook, and we always love hearing what you have to say about hot topics affecting your favorite vacation spot. Here are some of the highlights of 2011 and what you thought about them.

Between Broad and Lafayette, Elmira goes two-way

“I don’t like the two way idea. I use Elmira to bike from Acme area, and it’s wide enough for cars to get around me with no trouble. Two way will be traffic chaos.” – Frank Mason 

“Love it. It will be GREAT to drive straight into town on Elmira!” – Doug McMain 

Elmira Street in Cape May New jersey

Elmira before it opened to two-way traffic. April 2011

We have new parking meters (again)

“Which means they work now?” – Catherine Coleman-Dickson 

“Aren’t parking meters against the historic integrity? I thought there was some kind of Victorian standard building code to preserve all that nostalgic charm. Would Queen Victoria have fed a meter? :)” – Stacy Novak Conrad 

new Cape May parking meters

New parking meters are on for the season. May 2011

Cape May plans to restore, not replace, the water tower

“In Hallandale Beach, FL the city held a contest for the water tower to be painted. We have a colorful beach ball now….looks great!” – Shirley Lebato 

“I think that the city should build a new one out of plastic…and then paint a lighthouse on it to match the welcoming lighthouses by the parkway entrance.” – Jonathan Arbogast 

“So lets forget about putting bricks under horses hooves and paint the tower instead?” – Sandy Nickel 

Cape May water tower

The Cape May water tower. August 2011

The old drive-through bank on Decatur transforms into a private garden

“Absolutely beautiful, it truly enhances the city of Cape May. They are to be commended for that. Well Done.” – June Arnold 

“Lovely. Private or public, it’s better than before.” – Shirley Swardenski 

“Can’t wait to see it!!! What a green idea!” – Mary Coan 

The Empress transforms what was a drive-through bank into a garden. August 2011

The Beach Theatre meets the wrecking ball

“It just goes to show that we really are a throw away society!” – Kim Christian Krieger 

“Who ever owns it did as they saw fit. If anybody wanted to do anything different they should have made an offer.” – Joe Rodriguez 

“Glad that they at least saved the sign.” – Sue Kirk Wood 

Beach Theatre demolition in Cape May New Jersey

The Beach Theatre, which stood since 1950, faces the wrecking ball. September 26, 2011

After more than 30 years, the Lemon Tree closes its doors

“The lemon tree and the bagel brunch will always be part of our cape may memories and a regular stop for us sorely missed!” – Kimberly Devine 

“I will miss the Hungry Duck – best sandwich in Cape May :(” – Jennifer Brodbeck 

“Will miss it so much- best iced tea and grilled hot dog and my husband loved the Fanta Birch rootbeer on tap. You all deserve the retirement after years of faithful service……….” – Diane Gargus 

The Lemon Tree in Cape May New Jersey closes

The Lemon Tree. October 28, 2011