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The Easter Stroll – A Hopping Success

Cape May’s Easter Fashion Stroll held on the Washington Street Mall was conducted under bright sunny skies. Approximately 85 contestants paraded in their Easter finery before more than 500 spectators. The event sponsored by the City of Cape May, the Washington Street Mall Merchants, Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts, Our Lady Star of the Sea Church Parish and the Fudge Kitchen. A variety of gifts and award ribbons were provided by the Washington Street Mall Management Association, the City of Cape May and The Original Fudge Kitchen. Mayor Dr. Edward J. Mahaney, Jr. served as Master of Ceremonies.

Category A – Ages 3 & Under

Girls 1st Place – Lillie McCurdy

Girls 2nd Place – Audrey Zhelyazkova            Girls 3rd Place – Sariah Frechetti

Boys 1st Place – Aiden Mangana

Boys 2nd Place – Matthew Mastalski     Boys 3rd Place – Gavin Bailey

Category B – Ages 4 to 6

Girls 1st Place – Brynn Brophy

Girls 2nd Place – Olivia Orton             Girls 3rd Place – Calleigh Doyle

Boys 1st Place – James Haney

Boys 2nd Place – Logan Burice                  Boys 3rd Place – Riley McKenzie

Category C – Ages 7 to 9

Girls 1st Place – Amanda Moran

Girls 2nd Place – Elise Heim                Girls 3rd Place – Alexandra Bruno

Boys 1st Place – Robert Elwell

Boys 2nd Place – Jack Sheehan                     Boys 3rd Place – Griffin Schargel

Category D – Ages 10 to 12

Girls 1st Place – Reilly Sheehan

Girls 2nd Place -Tied – Hillary Turner         Girls 3rd Place – Hollie Turner

Boys 1st Place – Patrick Walther                     Boys 2nd Place – Patrick Frechette

Category E – Ages 13 & Over

Girls 1st Place – Sarah Walter             Boys 1st Place – Matt Scharsel

Category F – Best Dressed Lady

1st Place – Florence Carter      2nd Place – Shirley Stiles         3rd Place – Tracey Martin

Category F – Best Dressed Man

1st Place – Tim Spence            2nd Place- Tim Cronin

Category G – Best Dressed Couple

1st Place – Joe & Tamara Haney

2nd Place – Kevin & Eileen Lynch      3rd Place – Tim & Mary Spence


Category G – Best Dressed Family

1st Place – Frechette Family

2nd Place – Joe Haney Family     3rd Place – Walther Jackson Family


Easter Bonnet

1st Place – Olivia Ortan

2nd Place – Shirley Stiles          3rd Place – fuchsia hat, didn’t give name