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Fantastic Faces at the Baby Parade

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Pretty Baby (under 2 years of age)
1st place: Giada Clerico
2nd place: Olivia Durante
3rd place: Leah McGarigle
4th place: Noah Brockman
5th place: Kayleigh Gloviak
6th place: Declan Carigun
7th place: Evan Lee
8th place: Brayden LaSerre
9th place: William Gray
10th place: Brett Luchko

Decorated Baby Carriages
1st place: Roxanne Riehs
2nd place: Brielle Bukowski
3rd place: Charlie Fastoso
4th place: Perry Luchko

Children Walking in Fancy Dress
1st place: Violet Schleigh
2nd place: Rylee Anne Church
3rd place: Freeleigh Van Blunk
4th place: Alani Laielli
5th place: Brynn Brophy
6th place: Alexis Brender

Children Walking in Comic Dress
1st place: Victoria Dzuba
2nd place: Riley Dougherty
3rd place: Morgan Barry
4th place: Olivia Griffin

Decorated on Wheels
1st place: Haiden-Lee Maurer
2nd place: Krefski & Saquella Families
3rd place: Kaylee Vanaman
4th place: Maci & Destiny Bukowski
5th place: Jesse Hurd
6th place: Cala Cwik

Cory Scott Wolf Memorial Award for Best Float: Kevin Kohlmann

Carlyle Dennis Memorial Award for Best Overall Entry: Karter Hosford

Winners of the Cape May Baby Parade were selected by a panel of community judges.