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Lorraine Kiefer

Lorraine Kiefer has gardened all of her life. She is a garden writer, floral designer and professional horticulturist. Lorraine teaches many classes at Triple Oaks nursery and Herb Garden in Franklinville, NJ.

Getting the most from your Sweet Peas

Well, spring and is officially here. Ted worked a lot of chopped leaves and all sorts of compost into our sandy garden. He made the rows and limed them well as we have very acidic soil. I did the fun part and dropped or sprinkled the seeds. We made a double row of peas, a thick… Read more »

Starting your garden naturally

It is time to begin the garden! I love an old fashioned garden. An enchanting kitchen garden is a wonderful place to work, relax and enjoy nature. A colorful, fragrant kitchen garden can be as large as a vacant lot or as small as a series of pots on the porch. It can be the entire… Read more »