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Liberty Theater 1960s

The Liberty Theater, on the 500 block of the Washington Street Mall, where Liberty Way is located today. Dellas General Store is located on the left, where it still stands today.

House move on Beach Avenue

The Lafayette Hotel cottages were originally named the Weightman Cottage. It stood at Franklin and Washington Streets, the current site of the Cape May Post Office. It was constructed for Philadelphian chemist William Weightman, Sr. and moved to Ocean and Beach Avenue in 1881. It operates today as Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast.… Read more »

Iron Pier

Cape May’s Iron Pier, constructed in 1884 by the Phoenix Iron Company, extended over 1,000 feet over the ocean. Its 8,000 square-foot pavilion provided dancing space, with sport-fishing facilities on the lower level. Photographs: Source unknown. Information on the pier taken from Summer City by the Sea by Emil R. Salvini.