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Tag: history

What happened to South Cape May?

One afternoon, I decided to look for the lost civilization of South Cape May. Unlike another lost civilization – Atlantis – there are still vestiges of South Cape May around. I started my search by walking along Beach Ave. toward the Cove – that’s west toward the sunset for those of you new to Cape… Read more »

The treasures of Sunset Beach: Part II

So, I’m heading back out to Sunset beach because, it’s a fabulous place that’s why, and I’m thinking how did people get out here before they had this pretty road? In fact, how did people get here? And what was it like out here?   You know, Sunset Beach has a pretty interesting past which… Read more »

Preserving History One Plane at a Time

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more than a few ghosts hanging around Hangar One. It is, after all, not your typical museum. It is a work in progress. Parts of planes are always coming in or going out of the large hangar doors. And on a weekday afternoon in March, the place is… Read more »

Schellenger’s Landing: 100 years of fishing in Cape May

You know, we’re always reading, talking and writing about the Victorians and their houses here in Cape May but what about that fascinating piece of real estate that you have to cross before you even enter Cape May City? I’m talking about Schellenger’s Landing. Schellenger’s what? You ask. Schellenger’s Landing – down at the Lobster… Read more »