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Bill Godfrey

Cowboys of the East

A look into the world of Cape May’s commercial fishing industry. Text by Bill Godfrey. Photographs by Stephen Spagnuola. Originally published in Cape May Magazine.

Belle of the Ball

The notion of southern hospitality has long held a special place in the American psyche. So it should surprise no one (okay, maybe a few of you) that one of Cape May’s most notable landmarks is the Southern Mansion, a structure that, like Cape May, the South, and even America itself, has survived tough times only to come back stronger than ever.

Island Surfing

Trying to describe the impact of surfing on Cape May is like trying to describe the impact of baseball on America – it’s an incredibly broad topic. Many locals have built their lives around surfing, embracing careers that allow them the luxury of ditching work whenever the surf is pumping. For some, surfing defines their lives, chooses their friends for them and shapes the way they see the world. For others it’s a later-in-life hobby that’s now a passion. Anyway you look at it, surfing, even in Cape May, is nothing short of a religion for its most ardent followers.

Which beach is THE beach?

From Higbee Beach to Poverty Beach, Cape May is a beach-lovers’ paradise. Pick the beach that suits you best and put your best suit on (swimsuit that is). Whether you’re interested in seeing friends, returning to a traditional spot, convenient food and beverage, solitude, or nearby shopping, there’s beach that’s just right for you on Cape Island.

Locals Reveal All

Cape Island, the extended area south of Cape May canal that includes the city of Cape May, West Cape May, Cape May Point and parts of Lower Township, is an ancient and storied destination spot that has served as a playground for travelers grand and humble for hundreds of years. And like any respectable and… Read more »

MA500: Sportfishing’s main event

Dostoyevsky said that “money must be so far beneath a gentleman that it is hardly worth troubling about.” Dostoyevsky obviously never competed in the Mid-Atlantic $500,000 Sportfishing Tournament. The MA500 rolls into town for its 16th annual incarnation on August 19th through the 24th at the Canyon Club Resort Marina in Cape May. The week-long… Read more »

Seaside Equestrians

About three years ago a man by the name of Gene Glasscock rode down Sunset Boulevard on his Tennessee walking horse. He was headed south on a mission to ride on horseback through all fifty states and spread his message of, well, I forget what his message was. But I remember that he didn’t have… Read more »