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Month: November 2003

Cape May on Fire

Cape Island, NJ, Nov. 9, 1878 — Fire broke out yesterday morning in the summer city of Cape May around 7 a.m. in the attic of the new wing at Ocean House on Perry Street. By the time the flames could be contained, some 11 hours later, 40 acres of prime property lay in a pile of charred ruins. Arson is suspected. No one was injured.

199 Steps to the Stars: Climbing the Cape May Lighthouse…again

And how do I climb thee? Let me count the ways… Believe it or not, I found there’s more than one way to approach the Cape May Lighthouse, which by the way, celebrated its 145th birthday on Halloween. Climbing the Cape May Lighthouse is one of our quintessential tourist experiences and people have been indulging… Read more »