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Month: July 2013

New Kid on the 500 Block

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, stop by the 500 block of the Washington Street Mall and take a look at Galvanic, which took over the building previous occupied by Gifts Galore. By “take over,” I mean they gutted (and ripped out the floor right down to the dirt), re-imagined the layout, brought in a ton of reclaimed wood for the walls, and repainted the exterior.

Galvanic carries what I’m calling slightly upscale men’s casual and beachwear. They also stock a line of men’s grooming products, Uppercut, from New Zealand. It’s a completely different look and feel for our mall, so stop in the next time you’re in Cape May. You can also like them on Facebook.

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Solar Boat Chronicles Docks in Cape May

solar-boat-chroniclesSolar Boat Chronicles – a TV realty show based on four total strangers circumnavigating the Great Loop (6,000 miles) in a solar powered boat in order to set a Guinness record – docked briefly in Cape May shortly after midnight Sunday, July 7 and set sail at noon Monday. The crew reported that everyone at Miss Chris dock “was wonderful.”

The series is inspired by Skipper Jim Greer’s dream to circumnavigate the Great Loop in a solar powered vessel. The custom-built boat, RA (named from the Egyptian god of the sun) is built specifically for solar power and not luxury accommodations. Filming began in January and the show is expected to air on “one of the major networks very soon.” The crew also includes Danny Johnson, Suzdariffe David and  and Jaime Nudd.

Bon voyage!