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What Christmas in Cape May means to me

Any beach town can pull off summer but few can compete with Cape May when it comes to Christmas. Think Victorian, think Charles Dickens and enjoying Wassail at the Physick Estate. Where else can you experience all that? Cape May is just as special to those of us who live here and what better way to share with you the experience of Christmas in Cape May than to ask those who live here what it means to them.

4th Annual New Jersey State Film Festival

When you throw a pebble into the water, it starts a ripple. That ripple starts more ripples and, before you know it, you have a film festival getting ready for its 4th year, and then you have young filmmakers winning awards, and then you have a governor passing legislation to lure more movie makers into the state. And that’s what they call a ripple effect. vs. Exit Zero: The Surrey Race

OK. Here’s the thing. I’ve never shared this with you – BUT – no one, and I am not exaggerating when I say no one, EVER picked me to be on their team. I was always the last girl standing. I struck out. I dropped the ball. I missed the ball – no matter how… Read more »

An Artist Creates a Victorian Home

Asking Sandy Sheller how she went about bringing the Gallagher House, circa 1882, back to its stately glory is rather like asking Michelangelo how he did the Sistine Chapel. There is no definitive answer – it comes from inspiration. “I thought of it in layers- it was like a gestalt,” she said standing by the… Read more »