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Stay with me! STAY!

This month’s good read recommendation: Emily and Einstein by Linda Francis Lee It may be September, and we may be putting up the fall decorations of pumpkins, goblins, and turkeys, but believe me when I tell you that there is still a lot of great beach time left for you to share with your dog(s)! The… Read more »

Keeping Your Pet Safe From Toxins, Part 2

Last month we talked about several things that are toxic to pets. A rather newly discovered animal toxin is xylitol, an additive to sugarless gums and candies. Xylitol is a crystalline sugar alcohol that is used as a sugar substitute sweetener, the use of which has increased rapidly over the past few years. Xylitol is… Read more »

Must-Pack Items When Traveling with a Dog

Text by Linda Steenrod & Dr. Robert Moffatt V.M.D. That’s the question we all ask ourselves when going on vacation! What will the weather be? Should I take only casual or something dressy as well? On and on. Well, when traveling with your dog(s), you need to ask the same question on what to pack… Read more »