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A day of weddings in Cape May

Oy. I’m spending the weekend following the Wedding Planner around Cape May. Note that I said “The Wedding Planner” because Cape May really only has one true wedding planner and that’s Catherine Walton. Ms Walton does the traditional Jennifer Lopez movie kind of planning right down to the last detail. Many of the larger reception… Read more »

Who’s New, Who’s Moved, Who’s Gone 2005

It’s the start of a new season and time to look at what’s gone and what’s new.’s roving reporters hit the pavement and this is what we found. Out on Sunset Blvd., in West Cape May you can’t miss the brightly colored Chattel House Village – well, make sure you don’t miss Sea Level. We… Read more »

Spring has sprung!

April showers and May flowers. That’s what Cape May’s all about in the spring. We even have a festival to honor it called, appropriately enough, Cape May’s Spring Festival (April 22-May 1). Some of us who go back a ways remember when it was called The Tulip Festival – so you get the picture. We’re… Read more »

Cape May’s Spring Tourists

It’s the very merry month of May. And you know what that means… No, not Maypole dancing – Birding. Two of birding’s biggest events occur in the month of May here in Cape May. The World Series of Birding is May 14th and Cape May Spring Weekend is May 20-22. The World Series of Birding… Read more »

Dinner with the Ghost Writer

My assignment? Dinner with the ghost writer. Now, don’t get too excited. It wasn’t just me and the ghost writer. There were about 60 other people in the room. Still, it was the kind of event that just makes you want to give the town of Cape May a big hug and a wet sloppy… Read more »

Cape May’s Designer Show House

French dramatist Jean Anouilh said that “The object of art is to give life a shape.” The same could be said of redoing an old house especially a house built in the Arts and Crafts-style like the one at 800 Washington Street. This Designer Show House was built in 1915 for John and Mabel Hewitt… Read more »

Secret Gardens of Cape May: Among the Stopping Points

Sshhh! I just came back from the Secret Garden Tour. Of course I can’t tell you anything because, duh, it’s a secret. But listen, I’ve been trying to learn a thing or two about Victorian gardening from the Emlen Physick Estate (1879) gardener Hope Gaines. She told me about how the Victorians loved creating stopping points in the garden.