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Ghosts of the Cape May Lighthouse

Oh, that’s right. It’s October and she’s out looking for those elusive ghosts again. You’d be correct. But what I was really looking for this time was an excuse to climb the Lighthouse at night. If there were any ghost around – well – that would just be an added bonus. This year, my annual… Read more »

Nature meets nurture at St. Mary-by-the-Sea

Nuns believe in miracles. And they’ll tell you it’s miraculous that their 116 year old St. Mary-by-the-Sea retreat still survives the wrath of the aggressive Atlantic Ocean. The storm-tossed high dunes are at their back door, at the very tip of New Jersey. The U-shaped white Victorian building, with its aprons of open porches has… Read more »

MA500: Sportfishing’s main event

Dostoyevsky said that “money must be so far beneath a gentleman that it is hardly worth troubling about.” Dostoyevsky obviously never competed in the Mid-Atlantic $500,000 Sportfishing Tournament. The MA500 rolls into town for its 16th annual incarnation on August 19th through the 24th at the Canyon Club Resort Marina in Cape May. The week-long… Read more »

The Cook-off

By Colleen Brogan • Photographs by Lindsy Ray When George’s Place announced it would be hosting a cook-off between Chef John Karapanagiotis and his brother, Peter, there was much talk of what would be at stake. Rumors of money, treasured possessions, and trips to exotic destinations were the buzz around the restaurant, but most of… Read more »

Dellas 5&10 reopens in perfect retro style

The soda fountain is nearly as long as the store. It is cherry red with a white counter top. Stainless steel stools with red cushions sit on red and white checkered tile flooring. Schoolhouse pendant lights, white with red-striped glass shades, dangle over the counter. Banana splits, hot fudge sundaes, milkshakes, and cream sodas are… Read more »

Seaside Equestrians

About three years ago a man by the name of Gene Glasscock rode down Sunset Boulevard on his Tennessee walking horse. He was headed south on a mission to ride on horseback through all fifty states and spread his message of, well, I forget what his message was. But I remember that he didn’t have… Read more »

A glamorous makeover for the Sea Mist

Editor’s Note: An inaccuracy has been brought to my attention. In my original article I quoted an earlier article which stated that the exterior of The Sea Mist was the work of “the subsequent nine owners.” That is not true. One man – Fred Morrison is responsible for “the look.” We have made that correction… Read more »