On Safari…the Cape May Way

The other night, I took a sunset Salt Marsh Safari on “The Skimmer,” a 40 ft. pontoon which skims the waterways just like the bird it was named for. Admittedly, I wouldn’t have thought to go on it if I hadn’t been an assignment. Why, you ask? Because birding is a huge component of the safari and birders intimidate me.

One Lifeguard’s Challenge

Maybe you’re wondering who’s responsible for bringing the United States Lifeguard Association Championships (USLA) to Cape May for a fourth time. Or, maybe you’re wondering who’s behind the Cape May Beach Patrol bringing wheelchairs to the beach so the handicapped can enjoy the sun, sand and water. Or maybe you’re wondering just who it is that organizes all those lifeguards and makes sure the ocean you’re bathing in is safe.

Car-free in Cape May

“Car free / Care free” is the motto of a recent map published by the “West Cape May Citizens for Good Government.” Published in an effort to encourage visitors and residents to park their cars and leave them parked, the map is available at the Visitor and Transportation Center of Cape May at Lafayette Street… Read more »

Cape May Nightlife

My date and I spent a rainy Saturday night in June hitting some of the bars in Cape May  that we think single people looking for a good time should try out. We were on foot, so we focused our attention on a few that are found on and around Beach Ave. Our trek started… Read more »

Chefs of Cape May- Godmothers

“We’re still here.” Scott Abendschein said with a smile. This year Godmothers Restaurant begins a ninth season under the direction and ownership of Scott and Kathy Abendschein. Ten years ago, the Abendscheins enjoyed a successful catering business on the Main Line in Pennsylvania. But since everything they did was “off-site,” they felt a need for… Read more »

Chefs of Cape May- Tisha’s

Chef Paul Negro of Tisha’s Restaurant was a mechanic restoring Porches in South Philadelphia when his mother, Tisha, a graduate of the Restaurant School in Philadelphia, said “You should be a chef.  That’s how I see you.” Move to the shore with me. We’ll open up a breakfast place and we’ll be partners. I was… Read more »

Art at the Prickly Pear

Founded in 1929, the Cape May Art League (CMAL) is the oldest county art league in the United States. After frequent attempts, artists both current and past – some long past – have finally found a venue, easily accessible to the public, where they can meet and show their work.