Main Street USA

It’s a perfect day for an early morning walk. I begin with a turn off of Lafayette Street, and onto Sidney for a single block and am at the start of Washington Street. An arch of the greenest leaves in town welcomes me. Flowers seem to jump forward to get a better look at who is coming. Homes that were built over 100 years ago seem as if time has stopped just for them.

Antiques in Cape May

W.S. Antiques W.S. Antiques, owned by William Saponaro, has three locations in Cape May (well, one is actually in West Cape May at 135 Sunset Blvd.)  All counted for, over 180 individual dealers share their wares, both collectibles and antiques in at least one of these three spots. The largest of the W.S. Antiques stores… Read more »

Cape May Point: Naturally for the Birds

If you asked ten people “What and where is Cape May Point?” you’d probably hear ten completely different answers. For instance: “It’s a little piece of heaven.” “The lighthouse is there.” “That’s where the birds migrate.” “They have a big lake there, don’t they?” “We have a very special place. People who live here and… Read more »