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Collecting Cape May Beach Tags

Oh, those pesky Cape May beach tags! Everyone complains about them. Some try to wrangle their way out of buying them. Still others go out of their way to buy them early. And then there are those who collect them. Beach tagcollectors can be easily spotted. Some, like octogenarian Karl Suelke, wear their collections. These are… Read more »

Locals Reveal All

Cape Island, the extended area south of Cape May canal that includes the city of Cape May, West Cape May, Cape May Point and parts of Lower Township, is an ancient and storied destination spot that has served as a playground for travelers grand and humble for hundreds of years. And like any respectable and… Read more »

What Christmas in Cape May means to me

Any beach town can pull off summer but few can compete with Cape May when it comes to Christmas. Think Victorian, think Charles Dickens and enjoying Wassail at the Physick Estate. Where else can you experience all that? Cape May is just as special to those of us who live here and what better way to share with you the experience of Christmas in Cape May than to ask those who live here what it means to them.

Chefs of Cape May – The Merion Inn

Vicki Watson didn’t want to be a restaurateur. She already had a successful law career in Manhattan when her father, owner of Watson’s Merion Inn, died in 1992. As executrix of Warren Watson’s will she tried to abide by his wishes and sell The Merion Inn but the restaurant was losing so much money by… Read more »