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Tag: paranormal

Room with a BOO

The kindly grandmother, children and grandchildren in tow, moved from room to room admiring and reminiscing about the old days at her historic house in West Cape May. She had owned the property years earlier, about three owners back, and had stopped by on a chance visit to meet the new owner. They were in… Read more »

Furry Phantoms of Cape May

I was thinking about good old Punxsutawney Phil. He did not see his shadow, so we may actually live to see spring. Old Punx got me thinking about ghosts of animals. I have had more than one run in with a furry ghost, and quite a few of those encounters were right here in Cape May.

Ghosts of the Washington Street Mall

Hello Everyone! I’m Craig McManus, Cape May’s resident expert on ghosts and hauntings, bringing you a brand new column about paranormal happenings on Cape Island (Cape May), here at! When I was first coming to Cape May in the early 1970s, the pedestrian mall on Washington Street was a showy new attraction dubbed “Victorian… Read more »

The Dead of Winter

Psychic/medium and author Craig McManus leads us on a virtual ghost tour, which begins on one of Cape May’s most haunted streets, Columbia Avenue PLUS: Craig shares EVPs from the investigation. Have a listen and decide for yourself!

Favorite Cape May Haunts

I’ve been looking for ghosts every fall now for, I’d say about four years. I’ve taken walking tours, trolley tours. I’ve followed ghost writer Craig McManus around when he was looking for ghosts. I invited Craig to our offices last year in search of the ghosts I’ve heard about for so long. I even stayed… Read more »