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Tag: This is Cape May

The Stripers Are Here

THE STRIPERS ARE HERE !!! The American Striper Association ran their annual Fall Tournament, hosted by South Jersey Marina. There were 47 boats entered and many, many fish were caught and many were also released during the event. Each boat was only allowed to weigh two of their heaviest qualifying fish. The winning boat, “Oh… Read more »

The Very Rare Cape May Salts Oyster Can

As rare and elusive as the Cape May Salt oyster is itself, so is the artfully lithographed baby-blue tin can it once came in. Manufactured by the F.F. East Co. in Greenwich, New Jersey, it pictures an old bewhiskered sea captain in a black sou’wester, the spit and image of the “Old Salt” himself, nestled… Read more »

Ecotouring the Island

Sometimes, especially when vacationing with the family, it’s good to try something different. Not just your ordinary beach resort, Cape May is also known as a Mecca for nature lovers – birds flying north and south in the shoulder seasons can attest to that. As a result, a lot of ecotours have sprung from what… Read more »

Collecting Cape May Beach Tags

Oh, those pesky Cape May beach tags! Everyone complains about them. Some try to wrangle their way out of buying them. Still others go out of their way to buy them early. And then there are those who collect them. Beach tagcollectors can be easily spotted. Some, like octogenarian Karl Suelke, wear their collections. These are… Read more »

The Persnickety Chef: That’s Amore

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie – that’s amore.   As the above lyrics prove, the connection between love and food has long been understood, even going back to ancient times Many foods have the reputation of being aphrodisiacs. Some gained their notoriety due to their shape or appearance such… Read more »

Love in Cape May

There’s just something about Valentine’s Day. Yes, I hear a chorus of men out there groaning and saying, “Yes, there’s definitely something about Valentine’s Day.” What prompts Valentine’s Day phobia? A more than average chance of getting into the dog house with the wrong card, the wrong gift, the wrong flowers and the proverbial “Where’s… Read more »