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Drum, Drum, Drum!

Drum, Drum, Drum! The fish are here, where are the anglers? The water temps are in the high 50’s, the weather has become much more like summer, air temps are in the 60’s at night and 80’s in the day. The striper bite has slackened in the last week or so. But the Drum bite… Read more »

The drum are here!

Ladies and Gentleman, the DRUM ARE HERE. Multiple boats have gone out this week catching drum, not just the little ones we’ve had the big ones! The Cape Queen went out yesterday the 22nd and pulled in a few drum, one weighting in at 72lbs. going in on season record board. Also out on the… Read more »

Cowboys of the East

A look into the world of Cape May’s commercial fishing industry. Text by Bill Godfrey. Photographs by Stephen Spagnuola. Originally published in Cape May Magazine.

The Dead of Winter

Psychic/medium and author Craig McManus leads us on a virtual ghost tour, which begins on one of Cape May’s most haunted streets, Columbia Avenue PLUS: Craig shares EVPs from the investigation. Have a listen and decide for yourself!

Wheaton Village – A Glass Menagerie

Most people who grew up in this area are familiar with Wheaton Village, way up in Cumberland County though it is. All good little schoolchildren on the Cape know that springtime means a field trip to the Victorian glass blowing theme-park to buy marbles at the general store, play on the jungle gym, and watch a man make a pitcher out of a glowing glob.

Belle of the Ball

The notion of southern hospitality has long held a special place in the American psyche. So it should surprise no one (okay, maybe a few of you) that one of Cape May’s most notable landmarks is the Southern Mansion, a structure that, like Cape May, the South, and even America itself, has survived tough times only to come back stronger than ever.