Cape May Weddings

Cape May Beaches

For many people, there’s no better location for their dream Cape May wedding than the beach!

The following beach locations are available to reserve as a ceremony spot:

  • Broadway Beach
  • Congress Hall Beach/Congress Street & Beach
  • Decatur Street Beach
  • First Avenue Beach
  • Grand Hotel Beach 1045 Beach Avenue/Philadelphia
  • Grant St Beach
  • Howard St Beach (left side only)
  • Jackson Street Beach
  • Jefferson Ave Beach (to the right side only)
  • Madison Ave Beach
  • Mt. Vernon
  • Ocean Club Beach/ 1035 Beach Avenue
  • Ocean Street Beach to the right side only
  • Patterson Ave Beach
  • Perry Street facing beach to the right only
  • Peter Shield Inn Beach to the left 1301 Beach Avenue
  • Pittsburgh Ave Beach
  • Queen Street Beach (to the right side only)
  • Reading Ave Beach
  • Trenton Ave Beach
  • Windsor Ave Beach

If you’re thinking about a beach wedding, there are a few things you should know. The most important is that while you can obtain permission to host your wedding on the beach, you won’t have the beach to yourself. It’s public land. You’re not granted exclusive use of the location, and you’re not allowed to remove people from the ceremony site or the surrounding area. That means strangers could observe your weddings, and that other events might be happening simultaneously nearby.

There’s a fee to use any public space in Cape May for a wedding. This includes the beach. You’ll need to schedule your ceremony for the specific location you’ll be using. Call (609) 884-9534 or visit the City’s site for more information.

Photo credit: Doyle Dowdell Photography

The City’s online booking engine allows you to choose 30-minute timeslots from 6am through 10pm. If you don’t have an officiant in mind, Cape May’s mayor and deputy mayor are available for a fee.

And finally, according to the city code, there are no refunds given on ceremony fees.