Celebrate in Cape May

Florists in Cape May

Flowers are an enduring wedding tradition that can be traced to antiquity, adding color, texture, and even meaning to your ceremony. The Victorians were especially fond of floriography—a form of communication through the use of specific flowers to connote feelings too bold for Victorian society.

Photo by nikki gibson on Unsplash

Where to buy fresh flowers in Cape May

Cape May County has numerous florists that can help with bouquets, table arrangements, centerpieces, corsages, and bouttonnieres.

If you just need a quick bouquet and aren’t worried about flower choice or colors, another option is to pick up some flowers at a grocery store like Acme, Shop Rite, and Aldi.

For potted plants that can be taken with you or given to guests as favors, shop at a local garden center or nursery, or head to a home improvement store like Lowes (Rio Grande) or Home Depot (Cape May Court House).

Another option is to use an online florist and have your wedding flowers delivered.

Alternatives to fresh flowers

If you’d rather opt out of fresh bouquets, consider alternatives like dried flowers, flowers crafted from fabric or paper, ribbon, and fans (these would also be practical for a hot outdoor ceremony!). For table decor, keep it simple with driftwood, candles, and beach finds.