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Beach Permits

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Cape May City

Cape May Point

Cape May Point State Park

Higbee Beach

Sunset Beach

Public Space Permits

Rotary Park

Harbor View Park

Kiwanis Park

Sunset Pavilion

Cape May Point

Getting married in New Jersey

State law requires that all who marry in New Jersey have a marriage license issued in New Jersey. To get married in our state, you can’t be already married or in a civil union, and you must be at least 18 years old.

If either or both of you are residents of New Jersey, please apply for a marriage license in the municipality where either of you resides. The license is good throughout the state.

If neither of you is a resident of New Jersey, you’ll need to apply for a marriage license in the municipality where your ceremony is taking place.

Not all “Cape May” wedding locations are within Cape May City, so please double check when planning to be sure you know which municipality you’ll need to contact. These might include Cape May City, West Cape May, Cape May Point, Lower Township, and Middle Township.

Learn more on the State of NJ’s website

Cape May City

Contact the City of Cape May

West Cape May

Contact West Cape May’s registrar

Cape May Point

Contact Cape May Point’s Clerk/Registrar

Lower Township

Contact Lower Township’s Municipal Clerk

Middle Township

Contact Middle Township’s Clerk