Celebrate in Cape May

Rotary Park

Cape May’s Rotary Park offers multiple backdrops for a ceremony, from the Victorian-style bandstand to the Travelers’ Fountain. The park’s paths, dotted with wood and metal benches, are laid in red brick and gray pavers. Decorative black metal fencing surrounds the perimeter. In the evenings, the park is lit by old-fashioned gaslit style streetlights. Come summer, the park’s hydrangeas and other seasonal plantings are in bloom.

At the holidays, Rotary Park is strung with white lights and is home to the city’s Christmas Tree.

We asked the City, and yes, you can bring chairs into Rotary Park. No receptions, though. Ceremonies only.

To reserve a ceremony time, please call (609) 884-9534 or visit the City’s site for more information. Rotary Park is a public space. Reserving it for a wedding does not grant solo-use, so you could have strangers observing.

The City’s online booking engine allows you to choose 30-minute timeslots from 6am through 10pm. And please be aware that according to the city code, there are no refunds given on ceremony fees.