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Inaugural Ice Ball raises over $185,000

Hundreds turned out for the inaugural Ice Ball held at Congress Hall Friday night to benefit the Fund for Cape May (“FFCM”). Over $185,000 was raised. The Ballroom and Grand Lawn were transformed into a magical world of shimmering ice sculptures for the philanthropic celebration.

The Fund for Cape May is a non-profit partnership organization for the Cape Island communities of South Jersey. Formally set up in early November by Curtis Bashaw – Co-Owner and Co-Managing Partner of Cape Resorts – its mission is the beautification, preservation and providing of educational programs that encourage active citizenship in our youth. The Fund’s first project will be the beautification of Rotary Park, enabling upgraded fencing, curbing and other amenities.


Railroad tracks uncovered on beach

A stretch of rusted railroad tracks is visible on Lower Township beaches between Sunset Beach and Higbee. The tracks once led to the Cape May Sand Plant and haven’t been visible since the 1930s. [source]

If you want to see the tracks yourself, our photographer Michelle recommends parking at Sunset Beach and hiking up the beach toward Higbee.

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9th Annual North American Sea Glass Festival at Convention Hall

The North American Sea Glass Association had their first festival in Cape May this weekend. Highly anticipated, the turn out was over 5,000 people. Although the wait to get in was an hour, the festival was fantastic. It is always exciting to see all the creative ways artisans use their sea glass.

There were dozens of booths to look at, primarily beach glass jewelry. Many vendors even had pieces from their collection for visitors to look at and admire. One man even had a tray of sea glass marbles for purchase.

Not only was there wonderful beach glass items to purchase, but there were seminars by beach glass collectors as well as an exhibit to view. There were women from Italy with collections of sea tumbled Murano glass and multicolored pieces. Another collection was from a little girl’s whole family, found in Maryland.

There was also a contest for the “shard of the year,” won by a man with a beautiful red bottleneck.





Find out more about NASGA on their website

Fantastic Faces at the Baby Parade

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Pretty Baby (under 2 years of age)
1st place: Giada Clerico
2nd place: Olivia Durante
3rd place: Leah McGarigle
4th place: Noah Brockman
5th place: Kayleigh Gloviak
6th place: Declan Carigun
7th place: Evan Lee
8th place: Brayden LaSerre
9th place: William Gray
10th place: Brett Luchko

Decorated Baby Carriages
1st place: Roxanne Riehs
2nd place: Brielle Bukowski
3rd place: Charlie Fastoso
4th place: Perry Luchko

Children Walking in Fancy Dress
1st place: Violet Schleigh
2nd place: Rylee Anne Church
3rd place: Freeleigh Van Blunk
4th place: Alani Laielli
5th place: Brynn Brophy
6th place: Alexis Brender

Children Walking in Comic Dress
1st place: Victoria Dzuba
2nd place: Riley Dougherty
3rd place: Morgan Barry
4th place: Olivia Griffin

Decorated on Wheels
1st place: Haiden-Lee Maurer
2nd place: Krefski & Saquella Families
3rd place: Kaylee Vanaman
4th place: Maci & Destiny Bukowski
5th place: Jesse Hurd
6th place: Cala Cwik

Cory Scott Wolf Memorial Award for Best Float: Kevin Kohlmann

Carlyle Dennis Memorial Award for Best Overall Entry: Karter Hosford

Winners of the Cape May Baby Parade were selected by a panel of community judges.