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Year: 2011

The Ghosts of John McConnell House

Walking down Jackson Street off season, in the evening, is sometimes like walking through a graveyard at night. Many of the buildings sit silent and dark, being closed for the season. Should you happen to glance up at some of the darkened windows in the upper floors of these old seaside sentinels, you may just catch a quick glimpse of something looking back at you.

Lily of the Kitchen

The onion rarely stands alone on the plate. Rather, its flavor and texture enhances the food it accompanies. The different types of onions have their own unique flavor profiles, from pungent Spanish onions to sweet Vidalias. Recipes: Apple-Onion Soup, Spinach Salad with Shallot-Sherry Vinaigrette, Goat Cheese Leek and Tomato Tarts

Must-Pack Items When Traveling with a Dog

Text by Linda Steenrod & Dr. Robert Moffatt V.M.D. That’s the question we all ask ourselves when going on vacation! What will the weather be? Should I take only casual or something dressy as well? On and on. Well, when traveling with your dog(s), you need to ask the same question on what to pack… Read more »

Plant Lindera Benzoin to Lure Butterflies

A few years back I became serious about growing the native plant Lindera benzoin for wildlife. Although it was a plant that I would only get a request for from time to time in our nursery, all that I read about the plant fascinated me. The plant was not one I knew and I did not… Read more »