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Jennifer Brownstone Kopp

Award-winning journalist Jennifer Brownstone Kopp has been writing about Cape May’s historic buildings for over a decade. Her numerous articles and columns have appeared in the Cape May Star and Wave, The Herald, The Cape May Gazette and on

Parking Meters: Are we being ripped off?

Ever put a quarter in the meter and check your watch, just to come back a half an hour later to find a ticket tucked neatly under a windshield wiper? Maybe your watch was running slow? Or perhaps the meter running fast? Eleven-year-old Ellie Lammer of Berkeley, California, was sure Berkeley’s meters were wrong in… Read more »

Fishing Cape May

Yes, fishing fever is here. It’s more like a fishing frenzy in Cape May, a town with eleven commandments — thou shall fish rounding out the bunch. A place where being “seaworthy” is next to Godliness. An island uniquely placed where the Delaware Bay shakes hands with the Atlantic Ocean. PLUS – a recipe for Lemon Beurre Blanc

Another Mansion House…143 Years Later

It was to the Mansion House that U.S. statesman Henry Clay came for recuperation after the death of his son during the Mexican War in 1847. Built in 1832, it was the second grand hotel built on the island. Built on four acres of land, it was the first lathed and plastered hotel — its… Read more »

Hubert & Union Park: Perfect Together

It’s the perfect match. He’s cooked for Julia Child and at the James Beard Foundation. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, he’s worked in four-star restaurants from Philadelphia to Vail, Colorado. For seven years, he operated the Ebbitt Room at the Virginia Hotel in Cape May, leaving early… Read more »