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Cindy J. Kluger

Fisherman’s Wharf Tour Answers Some Fishy Questions

The Lobster House Dock is part of The Port of Cape May, one of three  commercial fishing docks in southern Jersey whose combined success make Cape May the second largest fishing port on the Eastern Coast of the United States. Fishing has been a major industry in this area since the 19th century, but it… Read more »

Recruit turned resident: Tom Carroll and the Mainstay Inn

Tom Carroll has been a resident of Cape May for nearly 30 years, with 24 of those years spent as activity duty in the Coast Guard. Tom, in fact, comes from a Coast Guard family. His brother was a helicopter pilot and his father was Coast Guard auxilliary. He grew up on the water and… Read more »

From rum to subs: The Coast Guard in Cape May

It was the 1920s. Roaring, people called them. Crazy. The “bees knees.” And the United States was in deep conflict. The Eighteenth Amendment had just been passed — prohibiting the manufacture, sales and transportation of all alcohol. This new law was to counteract what some considered a “decline of morality.” Young people were bobbing hair… Read more »

VICTORIAN WEEK evolves into a ‘Big Deal’

In the summer of 1973 Bruce Minnix, founding member of the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC), Cape May’s leader in heritage and cultural tourism, was speaking to a group of reporters about the organization’s plans for the future. At the time, MAC was in the early stages of development and consisted only of volunteer… Read more »