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Susan Tischler

Susan Tischler is the former editor of and Cape May Magazine.

Who’s New 2008, Part II

Every June, does a feature article called, Who’s New, Who’s Moved and Who’s Gone but fancy this – this year we haveWho’s Moving, Changing, oh let’s just call it, Who’s Morphing, Part II. Most of the changes are on Lafayette Street or nearby and involve some neat, little known history. If you recall, Cape May City Council wanted… Read more »

Collecting Cape May Beach Tags

Oh, those pesky Cape May beach tags! Everyone complains about them. Some try to wrangle their way out of buying them. Still others go out of their way to buy them early. And then there are those who collect them. Beach tagcollectors can be easily spotted. Some, like octogenarian Karl Suelke, wear their collections. These are… Read more »

Convention Hall is Closed

Convention Hall is closed. And, although it’s not the first time, it may very well be the last time for this particular structure. On Friday, April 4, city officials announced that a structural analysis conducted on the 46-year-old facility found that, “The present condition of the Convention Hall is structurally unsound. Due to the amount of deterioration… Read more »

Is picking a place to stay giving you a headache?

Cape May has a variety of choices – B&B, Guest House, condo, condo-tel, full house rental, hotel/motel. But what are the differences? Well, is here to tell you – or at least try to. We polled a number of accommodations owners and asked them to discern the differences.