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Tag: on assignment

On assignment: Ballroom Dancing 101

“Please teacher, teach me something. Nice teacher, teach me something. I’m as awkward as a camel. That’s not the worst. My two feet haven’t met yet. But I’ll be teacher’s pet yet, ‘Cause I’m going to learn to dance or burst.” Week One – I’m on assignment. I’m on the case. I’m on the job.… Read more »

A Day at the Spa

It’s December 23rd and I’ve got one-hundred and forty-thousand things to do and one hour to do them in before I have to go to the spa. My boss is sending me to an afternoon at the Cape May Day Spa on Jefferson Street, for my “on assignment.” Really, who has time for spas? I… Read more »

On Assignment: Touring Haunted Cape May

It is dusk and just beginning to cool. A quiet has settled along the beachfront on this Sunday evening in late September. The throngs of tourists have disappeared but there are still a nice number of people walking about. Halloween and November often suggest an image of a “ghost town” in Cape May. We don’t so much have tumbleweeds rolling down empty streets; it’s more like occasional sand traps brought about by heavy winds whistling long into the night.

On Assignment: Cape May Stage Mangling

My assignment for is to go back-stage with Cape May Stage. I’m going to be the acting assistant stage manager for their new production– “Park Your Car…” somewhere…lets see… “Park Your Car in Your Backyard”? …no.