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To Keep an Inn

Thinking of becoming an innkeeper? Learn about the history of Bed & Breakfast inns and get some tips from innkeepers.

Art of the Island Craftsman

There is art and there is craftsmanship. Once in a while the two magically come together. This occurs when the craftsman has so mastered his or her medium that it transforms into art, functional art. The craftsmen featured have each achieved a standard of excellence in their medium which has garnered them a reputation for… Read more »

On Assignment: Cape May Stage Mangling

My assignment for is to go back-stage with Cape May Stage. I’m going to be the acting assistant stage manager for their new production– “Park Your Car…” somewhere…lets see… “Park Your Car in Your Backyard”? …no.

Award Winning Winery

Visitors to Cape May might be surprised tolearn that they can experience and savor some fine,locally produced and award-winning wines. The Cape May Winery and Vineyard, owned by Bill and Joan Hayes located less than a mile north of the Cape May Canal, has been producing three reds and two whites for some time now.… Read more »