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  1. Red Storm Rising: The Sauce vs. Gravy Debate

    By Jon Davies August 1st, 2013 380 Comments

    Persnickety shows you how to make homemade tomato sauce in just 15 minutes.

  2. Time to Get Sauced

    By Jon Davies July 1st, 2013 Comments Off on Time to Get Sauced

    The place to begin to learn the craft of sauce making is at the bottom of the pan. The humble pan sauce is quick, easy and delicious. Recipe for Scallops with Sherry-Mushroom Cream Sauce

  3. Grill of my dreams

    By Jon Davies June 1st, 2013 339 Comments

    Down at the shore we know that seafood and the grill are a perfect union. Recipes for Mojo Shrimp and Sweet Chili Fish in Foil

  4. Pulling Mussels from a Shell

    By Jon Davies May 1st, 2013 8 Comments

    Mussels are the black sheep of the shellfish world. Lacking the sex appeal of oysters and not as boldly flavored as clams, mussels need some muscle in the P.R. department.

  5. Oyster Stew: Simply Sinful

    By Jon Davies April 1st, 2013 270 Comments

    Sometimes a simple dish can be more powerful than an arsenal of spices and heavy handed techniques. Oyster Stew is one such dish.

  6. The Crab Cake Doctrine

    By Jon Davies March 1st, 2013 13 Comments

    What makes a superior crab cake? For the truly crabby, only Blue Claw Crabs will do. Enjoy my award-winning crab cake recipe.