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Get Cooking with Eggplant

One of the joys of living in the Great Garden State is summertime produce. New Jersey corn and tomatoes get the big press and for good reason. They are well liked summer vegetables and Jersey grows some of the best in the world. But there is the ugly step-sister of produce, one people either love… Read more »

Fourth of July Barbeque

July 4th is a time to celebrate throwing the British out. Most people think it had to do with taxes and rights and silly stuff like that, but foodies know that in a land of bountiful food we couldn’t be ruled by a people who make and eat bland, tasteless dishes. It is also time dissolve… Read more »

Cooking with Curry

Culinary focus in the United States has had a definite Euro-centric slant.  In recent years Asian cuisines have become more popular and mainstream. But one Asian flavor is still largely misunderstood in America. Curry.  The fluorescent yellow curries of the past made from jar curry powder are about as authentic as Ragu is to a… Read more »

Seasoning and Flavoring

There are some unique aspects to being a chef. One is, when people discover your profession during casual conversation, They always want to pick your brain. One topic that frequently comes up is: What makes good food? I usually give my standard spiel on technique, but most people want black and white rules on cooking. This… Read more »

Fire up the grill

We sprang forward last month and Easter is already behind us. That means it is time to brush off the leaves and cobwebs and fire up the grill. As much as I love bar-b-que pork ribs and brisket, I am really looking forward to grilling fish. There is something about fish on the grill. The… Read more »

Find your inner chef

Disney got it right!  After watching Ratatouille again, the message came through loud and clear: Find your inner chef and anyone can cook. This is the mantra I have been shouting for years. So how does one go about finding their inner chef? First start small, cooking like music, painting and even sports require focus and working… Read more »

The Persnickety Chef: That’s Amore

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie – that’s amore.   As the above lyrics prove, the connection between love and food has long been understood, even going back to ancient times Many foods have the reputation of being aphrodisiacs. Some gained their notoriety due to their shape or appearance such… Read more »

The Cantankerous Chef

Hi, there: Let me introduce myself and give you a little introduction to my new job. My name is Cheffy and I have 18 years’ experience in the restaurant business in Cape May and nobody really wants to know how many years before that. This column is a biased point of view of food, recipes,… Read more »